Welcome to Texas Practical!

Thank you for checking out Texas Practical Firearms Training! My logo sums up what I am all about: shooting education.

I am a NRA certified instructor with years of experience as a concealed carry holder who regularly competes in a variety of shooting competitions. I bring a passion for learning, teaching and shooting together to help people take the first steps of a journey I began myself a decade ago: becoming a more responsible and skilled pistol shooter.

Like many fellow Texans, I grew up shooting rifles and shotguns. But when I first got my CHL and began carrying a pistol, I realized just how little those skills had adequately prepared me for the realities of carrying or potentially using a pistol in a dynamic environment.

My goal is to save you the decade of trial and error I’ve spent to learn what I know: the hours spent on research into the huge amount of available equipment, the days of wading through every opinion about shooting technique and training posted online by others, and the weeks of ineffective range practice wasting time, money and ammo to not improve as much as I wanted to.

You won’t become a great shooter after one class with me. There is no magic formula or secret method. But there are far more effective drills and tools available than what most people use when they go to the range and shoot pistols. We’re all busy people on limited budgets, so I want to teach you how to most efficiently use your limited range time to maximize your skill with a pistol, while giving you the knowledge and tools to continue improving well after our time together is over.

Send me a message to schedule a class today, and thank you for wanting to become a more responsible and skilled shooter.